Apparantly I looked like a gym barbie today (minus the blonde hair) according to the instructor…with my matching pink top, towel and water bottle. It was a complete accident…really!!

I NEVER leave home without my bottle!!! I refuse to use plastic…this bottle is amazing πŸ™‚

I started of my day like this:

1/4 cup of oats, 1/2 banana, 1egg white, cottage cheese, 1 apricot, 1 plum

calories: 304 Protein:24g Carbs: 42.9g Fat: 6g

Next was this:

1/2 banana, cottage cheese, 2 rice crackers

calories: 224 protein: 18.6 Carbs: 31.2 fat: 3g

WORKOUT …I did a great full body workout at the gym. This is my last week of full body workouts ( I mentioned before I do two week rotations) and next week I will start on circuits again.

Because the state of my fridge was like this: (although you will notice the essentials: oats, eggs, cottage, anchovies and tehina πŸ™‚ )

there wasn’t all that much room for creativity. I’m inbetween houses at the moment (and neighbourhoods) so I am hardly home and its not very conducive to cooking the way I like…so that is the reason lunch looked like this:

an oatmeal omlette of sorts…

1/2 cup of oats, blob of cottage, 1 egg and 2 whites and a lot of veggies: zuchini, red pepper, carrots. It made A TON this was plate number one of TWO. All for me… I needed it after 20 pullups today YEEYAAA.

calories: 311 Protein: 25g Fat: 8.9g Carbs: 28.6g

Then a little while later… my favourite snack of all time (especially when I am working on a particularly horrible assignment)

Nothing gets better thant this… an amazing cup of tea (and nobody makes tea better then you and FIVEROSES) Β and peanut butter on rice cakes.

calories: 184 Protein: 4.5g Fat: 8.6g Carbs: 22g

I am working a night shift tonight so I have packed my cooler bag to take with me… I made a really big salad so now there is truly nothing left in my veggie drawer in the fridge! And on my way I will stop off at the shops to buy some Lean Turkey cold cuts.

My workout today was amazing!!! I did 2 exercises for each body part:

warmup: 5 mins cardio, bird-dog exercise and glute bridge, hamstring stretches

*squats (goblet squats and box squats- these i did with 2 x 18kg dumbells)

*hip thrust

*close grip bench press

*tricep dips

*seated rows: 3 sets and then a drop set

*pull ups

and some weighted burpees to finish off

This week is a teeny teensy bit stressful coz I am still working on assignments AND my sister is coming to live here in Israel with me!!!!! So she arrives tomorrow night so hopefully I will be able to get some more posts up…but if not I will take lots of photos and upload them as soon as possible.

Train hard and eat clean πŸ™‚