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The most EFFECTIVE workout you can do is the one you are not doing.

I can’t remember where I heard that. I didn’t make it up but it is SO TRUE.

If you keep on doing the same workouts… you will keep on getting the same results. Yesterday I ranted on about mixing it up and not doing endless cardio. Well I am going to rant on again about mixing it up!

I don’t EVER do that same workout EVER. Everyday I do something different. I use different exercises, different combinations of exercises, mix up the sets, mix up the reps…I ensure I never do the same routine. This keeps it fun and keeps my body guessing.

My body is confused and challenged EVERY WORKOUT which means it tries to keep up with me by changing. This is how we improve our fitness and physiques… by pushing your body so that it is forced to get stronger in order to be prepared for the next workout. If you keep doing the SAME thing- your body stays in its comfort zone and doesn’t need to change. That is why you don’t see results.

I wanted to share the workout I did yesterday in the gym:

I started off with 4 sets of incline dumbell presses and supersetted them ( two exercises back to back) with plank jumps.

(plank jump= get into a plank position and jump your feet together -apart-together-apart)

Then I set my gymboss up to look like this:

That shows six minutes – 6 rounds.

I did two exercises:

jump rope

pull up to push up

After that I did 4 sets of lat pull downs and supersetted with tricep pushups and a leg kick back.

Next I kept my gymboss setup and did another two exercises:

side lunges

3 mountain climber 1 kick up.

Then I did 3 sets of glute bridges (weighted)

I pushed a sled for 2 reps (and pulled back) – I like to do 5 of these usually but I had just come off a night shift at work and was a bit tired by this stage.

That was it… and stretches.

One last thing I HAVE TO SHARE!!!!

This amazing breakfast!!!

One of my staples is a mashed banana, cottage cheese and cinnamon for a snack and for breakfast I add in oats.

I love cooking porridge so I decided to try cook it all up instead of eating it cold.

So I cooked up :

1/4 C of oats

half banana

1/4 cottage cheese

1/4 cup egg whites

sprinkled cinnamon and chopped cherries on top.

There really are no words to describe this…please make it.

calories: 305

Carbs: 39.4

protein: 28.1

Fat: 3.9