MIX IT UP!!!!!!!!!!!

People are always asking… why can’t I lose the last bit of weight? Why aren’t my abs rock hard- I do enough cardio so whats wrong??!! Why have I hit a plataeu?

Well… its because you are not changing up your workouts. You are doing the same thing over and over again. You are running endlessly on the treadmil or pedalling furiously away on the bike… the same 45mins a few times a week… why oh why is it not working (anymore)???. Or even worse… thats all your are doing and there is no weight training in your program.

The good news is that you can officially STOP spending your precious time doing boring cardio for hours on end. Yes. Stop it. Don’t do it it is counterproductive. Well.. yes it is good for your heart and burns calories but you REALLY don’t need to be doing that much of it.

What you need to be doing is making your precious time COUNT and putting in maximum effort for a shorter period of time to get a million times better results. I have a feeling that was bad grammar.

I have been working out in the gym for 7 years now- I have been through it all and tried it all. When I first started out I did mainly weights and spinning 3 times a week. I saw great results and decided ok… more must be better. So I started adding in more cardio.

At that time I had a personal trainer and she said to me, ‘ How do you propose to keep all your lean muscle with the amount of cardio you are doing?’ I didn’t listen to her and carried on- one reason being because I loved it. I loved running and spinning. As a spinning instuctor I spent many  MANY hours doing insane amounts of cardio. I ran half marathons… many MANY hours running. I started losing my lean mass and just became skinny.

About 3 years ago I managed to do something dreadful to my knee and that pretty much put a stop to all of that. I couldn’t run anymore so that was totally out and at the same time I moved countries and had no access to a gym. That left bodyweight circuits in the park and stair running ( which seemed to be ok on my knee). This really is cutting a long story short but as soon as I stopped doing crazy amounts of cardio and focused on shorter intense workouts…. and weight training once I joined the gym again- I started seeing MUCH better results. I suddenly wasn’t just skinny anymore… but actually had a better shape and definition.

I now do cardio about twice  a week and NEVER longer then 20 minutes. I usually get on the spin bike and do a high intensity interval training session. I try make sure that all my workouts are intense… I include big moves such as pushups and pullups and squats, deadlifts and lunges- all these get your heart rate up.

This little contraption is that ultimate personal trainer:

I take it with me every time I go to the gym… and when I go on holiday and when I don’t go to the gym at all… you can use it for bodyweight circuits in your own home and you can take it outside on your run.

What you do is set a number of rounds. For example 10. Then you set your intervals: 20 seconds rest 40 seconds of work. This gives you a ten minute workout. You can do anything in those 40 seconds- run/bike/ bodyweight exercises. BELIEVE ME the intensity of going all out at your maximum effort for 40 seconds  and only a 20 second break for ten minutes will get your heart pumping and will leave you drenched in sweat. Certainly no need for an extra 30 mins on the eliptical machine!!!

When I was on holiday in South Africa I took my gymboss and every morning I got up early, set 15 rounds of  vary intervals each day and thats how I did my run. Or I ran 40 seconds and walked 20, Or I sprinted 15 seconds and jogged 45… MIX IT UP!!  By the end of the 15 minutes… I was finished. I can;t believe how much time I used to waste on hour long runs.

This sort of morphed into a cardio bashing post…Next post will be about THE GREATEST WORKOUT YOU WILL EVER DO.