I have a workout chart RIGHT above my computer so there is no escaping its knowing eye…’ yes you are going to faff around on facebook aren’t you? WELL according to me… you should be doing your workout for the day.’

I have my chart well placed and divided up into 3 months.

I do circuits for 2 weeks

heavy weights for 1 week

full body training for 2 weeks

heavy training 1 week

Back to circuit style training for another week

I added in the last 3 weeks as doing a body split- bodybuilding style workouts.

This is just an example of what I set for myself. You can do the same or make up your own goals for 3 months, the whole idea is to have your chart somewhere where you CAN SEE IT…or it can see you.

I also have a smiley face rating for what my eating has been like

šŸ™‚ = clean

:l = not 100% clean

šŸ˜¦ = disaster… which should not really be called disaster because it is important to let your body eat what it wants every now and then. I try keep it to every 2 -3 weeks not much more. So I write in a sad face just to keep track of what I am doing.

Now go make yourself accountable to yourself…NOW!!!!!!!!