It is the end of the week and as I have been SUPER busy with exams and working two jobs… and having no car: the fridge was a little bare.

But it just goes to show that even with a ridiculous amount of things on your plate (ahem..) eating healthy and squeezing in a workout is still totally doable!!

I am new to eating macronutriently (a word?) so hopefully this is sort of accurate… I’m still figuring it all out. Basically how I have eaten in the past is just CLEAN eating- not worrying about the actual nutritional break down. So now I want to see how this affects my training and energy if I eat to exactly what my body needs…. with in reason and balance without getting ridiculous and nit-picky and obsessive! Because that is NOT a happy place to be!!!

So today I woke up early to get the study ball rolling… and I made some coffee – this is a bad habbit I appear to have gotten myself into lately because drinking coffee doesn’t really make me feel that good. I ran out of green tea and am savouring my good black tea bags.. so coffee it is for the moment!

Then I made my favourite breakfast at the moment:

QUINOA PORRIDGE yummmy yuummmmyyy

it is 1/4 cup uncooked quinoa, 1 chopped up green apple, lots of cinnamon… and 15 almonds at the end.

I usually leave a little bit of the apple uncooked for some extra crunchy crispy goodness.

so that is: 355 calories

Fat: 11.7g

Protein: 9.8 g

Carbs: 55.9g

After a good skyping with my fabulous mum and brilliant sister… and a little bit of studying….: snack time!

cottage and an apple ( I love green apples incase you didn’t notice)

calories: 208

Protein: 17.2

fat: 2.4

Carbs: 25.1

For lunch I made an experimental mush…a pashdidah- no idea what that is in English. Quiche perhaps? No thats not English is it? Nevermind.

Essentially you are meant to cook it in the oven….and seeing as though I have managed to live this year WITHOUT ONE (horror) I though I would attempt a stove top version. Major Fail… it landed up being glorified scrambled eggs- but a totally delish taste sensation.

This was for two: 4 eggs, a 250 g container of low fat smooth white cheese, 1/2 cup of oats, carrots and zuchini and onions.

I put a DROPLET and I mean the tiniest drop of oil in the pot and layered the veggies. I mushed the eggs and cheese together and then poured on top. I let it cook until it looked ready (!) and then we ate it… SUPER DUPER YUM.

calories: 653 ( this is not for one person! also i didn;t include the veggies in my macro count)

Protein: 42.7

Fat: 30g

Carbs: 40g

I went to the gym at around 4.30 to do an interval workout.

I don;t usually do much cardio and when I do its usually intervals on the spin bike or sprints outside.

So today was intervals… I had my gymboss timer with me and did 18 rounds of 40 seconds work 20 seconds rest.

I also trained abs today- also not something I do too much of.  I did:

3 sets of hanging leg raises

3 sets of seated twists with 14kg

3 sets of some strange half leg extension- v up crunch off a bench with a 4.5kg dumbell hooked around my ankles. I just kinda made that move up..I think.

Then I did a plank crawl, some power jumps: 3 sets of ten: lie down on your tummy and then push yourself up with your arms, jump your legs forward  to standing. And most important…. stretching!!!

When I came home: I had 4 banana choolate cookies (recipe on my blog) and some cottage cheese with chopped up capsicum.



Protein: 20.68

Fat: 7.6


Finally dinner…

Big salad and cut up steak. I dont usually eat red meat but  I cut away the fat and chopped it in…

188 calories

Fat: 6.6g

Protein: 30.3g


calories: 1359



Protein: 99.28

Thats a little bit low for me… I am new to macro eating and am trying to see what happens if i eat around 1550-1600 calories ( obviously will change with workouts and off days). So I am aiming for 155g of carbs, 116g Protein and 51g of fat.

Hopefully this was a little insight into a clean eating day! Let me know how your eating and training went for the day!