Hello and welcome to my blog!! I have been wanting to start this up for awhile now and tonight I decided to seize the day.. or night I suppose. Seeing as though it is the night.
This blog is going to be about one of my great passions in life… FITNESS!!! I will be posting workouts and healthy meals for people who work out and train hard with all their heart and soul.
My aim is to help you achieve your health and fitness goals by taking away all the confusion and uncertainty that surrounds this crazy industry. Everywhere you look there is different information about the same topic and for some reason people seem to think being fit and healthy is a lot harder then it actually is. Don’t get me wrong… it takes dedication. You need to decide this is the path you want… and once you do: you won’t look back.
When you are fit and healthy you are HAPPY and POSITIVE and MOTIVATED to make good things happen in your life!