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This is one of my favourite snacks after a workout!

It is super easy to make…. all you need is:

1 banana

1 cup of oats

15 almonds (chopped up)

1tbs natural peanut butter

a droplet of vanilla

1tsp of honey

coco powder

a little bitty of water….and mush it all up then:

pop them in the freezer….. and eat!

makes around 14 little cookies

Total clories per cookie: 40

carbs: 8.1g

fat: 1.3g

protein: 0.87

* disclaimer… if you are my sister: advisable not to eat.

I sometimes play around with the ingredients and add in a bit of whatever is yummy and in my fridge… 2 dates also go well, natural coconut etc

I would also usually add in some vanilla protein powder to make them protein cookies but I don’t have any at the moment.

so there you go… super yummy. super healthy. super QUICK and EASY so no excuses!!!

and don’t forget to have it with a good cup of tea